Scott H. Newby is a California licensed Private Investigator with over 35 years of experience working EXCLUSIVELY for attorneys, insurance claims personnel, and experts retained by counsel representing both plaintiffs and defendants on civil cases.  Scott has provided his varied skills on lawsuits involving vehicular collisions, pedestrian accidents, airplane crashes, construction accidents, workplace injuries, general and product liability cases, employment law, trademark infringement, et al.

Scott is on the cutting edge of digital information access with over 1-billion records at his fingertips which he can search instantly and cost effectively. His reports are thorough, neat and available in either hard copy or digital form.

Scott is an expert forensic videographer and uses professional 3-CCD digital video cameras on site, and MacBook or G-5 computers for titling, editing, copying, and burning to DVD, at his office.

Scott H. Newby has extensive experience as an Accident Reconstruction Technician, including accident scene surveys, photo and video documentation, and testing of vehicles and other machinery. And he is comfortable conducting interviews and photo-documenting evidence throuhout the State of California.

Scott H. Newby
Private Investigator
CA Lic. PI 5336

P.O. Box 2223
Merced, CA 95344-0223
If you need a thoroughly experienced, professional, licensed private investigator in California who always gets the job done right, contact Scott H. Newby.