Scott H. Newby is an accomplished forensic photographer and videogrpaher, which is one of the reasons he is one of the most sought after private investigators in California. His forensic photography includes film, digital images, and digital video which are used as exhibits in legal proceedings. He photographs everything from wrecked automobiles, to murder scenes, to accident sites in daylight or darkness, to victims' injuries, to medical procedures, to 90 degree vertical scaled aerial photographs of accident scenes. All color digital images are processed and printed in-house.

Included on this page are small samples of various photos used in actual cases. Identities have been protected.

Sequence From Murder Scene
* using existing-light only (no flash)

Burn Victim

Machinery From Industrial Accident

Matching Day/Night Sequence From Fall Accident Site

Explosion Victim

Remains of a Truck that Crashed & Burned

Head Injury Victim With Halo

Digital Video of Factory Procedures

Lucy Lu on Forensic Video Assignment

Scott H. Newby
Private Investigator
CA Lic. PI 5336

P.O. Box 2223
Merced, CA 95344-0223